Saturday, 25 July 2009

On being a Domestic Godess

On Being a Domestic Goddess
I've washed the dishes, dried the dishes,
Put them all away.
I've tidied up and hoovered,
And kept the dust at bay.
My laundry's done, the ironing too,
With strength that I could muster,
The teatowels, sheets and pillow slips,
I even ironed the duster.
The toilet gleams, the sink as well,
The bath is shiny white;
The bath mat neatened nice and straight
Until it looks just right.
The stairs are clean, there's not a mark
Upon the wooden treads,
I dusted all the corners
When I went and changed the beds.
There's a line of flapping washing
Hanging smartly on the line,
The dog's walked, cat fed, chickens too,
And it's only half past nine.
There's a tray of fresh-baked fairy cakes,
And seven loaves of bread,
Fourteen jars of home made jam,
To keep them all well-fed.
A pot of boiling home-made soup
That bubbles on the Aga,
I don't see why domestic bliss
Should always be a saga.
All my hems are taken up and
All my socks are mended,
All my buttons sewn on tight,
Any less and I'm offended.
Half past three, a cup of tea,
And dinner's on the go.
Potatoes, carrots, peas and kale
-I grow my own, you know.
Family back by half past five,
And happy smiling faces,
Sitting round the table,
In all their rightful places.
Dinner done, more dishes washed,
It's really never ending.
I sit down in my comfy chair
And finish off the mending.
I knit and sew and cook and bake,
I don’t have time for telly;
You'll find me in the kitchen
Making wine and apple jelly.
And later on, a nice hot bath
To ease my aches and pains,
I'll get up in the morning, smile,
And do it all again.
I'm dedicated, strong and calm,
While under such duress,
I'm organised and punctual,
I've never heard of stress.
For I am woman, brave and staunch,
And never could be less;
I live my life for hearth and home
-A true Domestic Goddess.
Ofcourse it's me, as you well know!
But you'll be glad to find
That this Domestic Goddess
Exists purely in my mind!

The world of faerie

The World of Faerie
Be still
Be quieted;
Breathe in nature as
She wraps you in her generous arms.
Be in the moment
Be in nature;
Be with the moment
Be with nature.
Calm and silence
In your mind and in
Your world.
Meld with the soil, become
One.Feel the earth, the air,
The freshing breeze
Close your eyes and
Drift, driftInto nature
With nature.
Slow your thoughts,
Your feelings,
Breathe deeply in the moment
Be deeply in the moment.
And become aware of nature.
Open your mind before you
Open your eyes.
The world of faerie is the world of nature and
The world of nature is the world of faerie.
Watching over you,
As guardian angels in this earthly realm
Commending your good deeds and thoughts,
Brushing aside your indiscretions in their
Belief in the good of your human soul.
Do you see them?
Are they by you in your share of this good earth?
Can you feel their presence,
Kindly spirit,
Calming influence and
Guiding hand?
Only be aware, and then you will see
The world of faerie;
For the world of faerie can be seen
Only with the heart.
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My ship

My Ship
Silence Pervades the room
And I am happy;
Alone, not lonely.
Four walls solid,
Sturdy roof of years greater than my age.
A log shifts lazily in the woodstove;
Glistening orange light throws shards
Across the darking room.
Smoke puffs, ethereal, ghostly,
Dissipating in the silence.
My needs are few, my wants fewer.
The clock ticks lazily on.
I lay down my book, a darting shape
Slices the evening sky.
A gull wheels off towards the cliff,
The dull roar of breaking waves
Almost imperceptible, but ever present.
My eye lights on green,
The trees I planted, hands roughed and
Bones aching; the skyward beans
And rows of fruit.
Chickens strut towards the night,
Content, replete in their feathered world,at peace.
Creaking chair,I rise and close
The hastening darkness out;
cocooned in long-shadowed
Lamplit comfort.
Silence pervades the room,
And I am happy;
Alone, not lonely.
My ship has come in.

I know a little about baking,
I know a little about flour,
I know more about the universe
With every passing hour.
I know a lot about my garden,
Of how things thrive and grow,
But of matters such as horse power,
There’s a lot I do not know.
I’ve looked it up and searched the web,
The books and papers too.
They talk of watts and unit rates
And words I never knew.
It’s got to do with doing work,
Of that I have no doubt –
Of pounds per second, foot pounds too,
I’ll never work it out.
I’m not of scientific bent
I’d be the first to claim.
Watts and rates and miles per hour
–Aren’t they all the same?
I don’t know why my jam sets
Or how my hens lay eggs,
Or what the difference really is
Between horseflies, bugs and clegs.
The light comes on, the iron irons,
The cooker cooks our meal
As long as they all work for me,
It’s really no big deal.
The seasons change, the sun comes out
The wind will blow and blow,
But how these things have come about
I’ll really never know.
An engine is a puzzle,
The workings of the world,
To me the mysteries of men
Will never be unfurled.
A pencil writes, a window shuts,
A needle has an eye,
The bath taps empty nice and hot,
I don’t need to know why.
I’m happy in my little world
It’s safe, secure and fun.
I don’t drown myself in detail,
I just let life run and run.
And as for this here horsepower,
It seems to pass me by.
I know it’s there, that it exists,
Without me knowing why.