Sunday, 30 June 2013


Do not be uncomfortable with
My truths I give you,
Wrought with fragile apprehension
From my heart's secret, honest depths.
A life too short,
With words unsaid
Is not for me.


I watch the dawn come gently,
Paint the sky with form and hue
Colouring a brand new day
Heavy with optimism
And promises of
Peace and joy and wonder
To cheer the heart and nourish
The soul,
To seize as if
Another day may never come again.

The Wisdom of my Soul

My heart beats
To the music of our friendship,
The wisdom of my soul in tune
With the then, the now, and what is yet to come.
Shared joys fill the days
With light and laughter,
Warmth and belonging
Giving strength and hope to hold fast upon
When time decrees.
We share the moon, the stars,
The very stuff of earth
Where countless lovers' feet have trod as one,
Towards an everlasting love
That is the very essence
Of my wild and precious soul.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Solstice blessing

I wish you all you wish yourself,
Your share of love and peace and health;
Good friends with loving, thoughtful ways
To help you through your darker days.
Sun and laughter, lots of kisses,
Much success and few near misses;
Make the best of every day
Embrace your life in every way.