Sunday, 23 December 2012


Let me cry.
Cry my heart out - inside out;
Sob for minutes, hours days........
Release the hurt of fifty years.
Don't try and stop the well of tears with
Platitudes and cliches, with empty words that seek
To smooth, to pacify and re-bury.
Let me cry.
Let me get it outside of myself,
Rid my heart and soul of the heavy weight conveyed
Within, slowly dripping, slowly chipping away,
Drowning from the inside.....
From a million cries  confined,
Unlistened to, ignored by you and others.
I need not make a note of what they aim to say
They are mine, these tears, they are mine and me,
They are mine and me combined.
I know them well.
Let me cry
Lest the burden that they make
Finally overcome and overwhelm and
Leave the shell of me
Empty, dried even of those tears
With nothing left to say or give.
Let me be, let me cry.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blessing for the winter Solstice

May your soul be filled with blessed joy,
Your heart be filled with love;
Your spirit optimistic be
With hope from up above.
A few kind words to see you through
The pain and tears ahead,
And trust and heartfelt insight
To hear the love unsaid.