Monday, 2 July 2012

Twas the night before shopping.............

Twas the night before shopping
And all through the house
Tummies were rumbling
Yes - even the mouse!
Fridges were empty
Apart from some scraps -
A half of a lemon and two crumbly baps.
Soft tomatoes and onions were chopped in a pan,
With leftover cheese sauce (not out of a can).
Shreddings of ham from the last of the pack
And a handful of mushrooms I found at the back.
On with the pasta
In all kinds of shapes,
Oddments from four bags
Not one did escape!
Then came the question
the Five O'clock Shout:
'What is for tea mum, or will we go out?'
All was cooked up
Just using my wits,
That great mothers' standby
'Pasta - with bits' !