Thursday, 21 June 2012

Solstice blessing

My offering for 2012 summer solstice

May you always be your wisdom,
And never lose your way,
Stay close and near to loved ones
On each and every day.
May your soul be filled with sunshine
And your problems be released,
Be guided by your conscience
And fill your days with peace.

Solstice blessings

Sunday, 17 June 2012

When we meet

When we meet

Our eyes will lock
Into a gaze as old as time
As deep as life itself
And smile a thousand smiles,
Blinking in the wonder of
A love so warm and true
And talk will stop
And time stand still
To drink in the longing and desire
When we meet.

Our hands will touch
And feel, a shy caress
Our hold will strengthen through
Hand and heart, love, desire.
Conveying through touch what our
Eyes will tell each other,
And wrap themselves
Around our hearts
When we meet.

Our bodies touch, shyly
At first, the ease comes swiftly,
Our breathing slows
A tender closenss is soon ours,
The spark felt
As lovers have for time untold,
A crackle back and forth, our bodies sigh
A union of the flesh, passionate and consuming, is
Realised at last, devoured, savoured, loved
When we meet.

Our hearts will sing,
A million stars released within
Each time our eyes meet, our hands touch,
Wrapped in a love so strong
So right, and ours,
Invincible, and though parting comes
As it must, the loving truth within
Will remain to grace a thousand days and nights with wonder
When we meet.

And our souls - oh our souls, already
As one, tell us what we know,
Invisible to the eye, our love will see them
As they guide, and temper lust and longing
Thoughts and desires, wishes and dreams
And they will cherish our very essence, our real selves
And, entwined, will
Soar and join the souls of lovers past
And still to come,
When we meet.